Work Week Wrap Up

This week has been chaotic! Seriously. It always feels like the spring semester always goes by the fastest.

One thing I really enjoy about my middle school team is that we, as a teaching unit (there are four of us), feel like it’s a huge part of our jobs as educators to instill a philanthropic mindset into our students. As part of our mission to do this, we are gathering our students up and having them, and some parents, help assemble food packages for developing countries around the world.

While we have been focusing on this all week long we have also been dealing with an abundance of student absences due to activities, which is bittersweet. It’s great that our students are involved, but it can be a challenge to plan around it sometimes.

Everything at the MS Teacher Lady house has been equally as crazy. Sometimes it can be hard to deal with all the constant go, go, go! I have a 3.5 year old who is proving that terrible twos was a breeze, and a 2 year old who just lives life to the fullest, dirt and worms included.

Only a few things are helping me make it through this week: caffeine, the fact that we have around 3 weeks left of school, and that it is my weekend to sleep in. 😉


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