Book Review: Hacking Classroom Management

My name is Kelsey and I am six years into my teaching career and clearly am no veteran to the art of teaching. I’ve taught a variety of grade levels

I recently read Mike Roberts’ Hacking Classroom Management.

I felt like Roberts did a nice job using the format he did to present the management information. It made trading his work easy and enjoyable. He had great ideas that I felt were tricks that come along with the trade, so yes he is truly sharing hacks with new teachers.

As I was reading his book I found myself either agreeing with the philosophies he presented in that classroom management deals a lot with building and maintaining positive relationships with one’s students.

I feel like I do many of the techniques he mentions, and I didn’t feel like many of his ideas were completely brand new, though I did walk away from the text with a few ideas that I hadn’t thought of before.

I do believe that this book would invaluable to a firat year or new teacher. Do I think it’s a must read for a teacher who has gotten their feet wet in the field? Not necessarily. I would recommend this book to a teacher who I thought was struggling with their classroom management. Or someone who I noticed wasn’t meshing well with their students.

Overall, I thought this book was worth the read. Would I recommend it to everyone? No, but for myself it was a nice confirmation that what I am doing in my own classroom is right on track with what other’s believe are impactful and effective ways to manage one’s classroom.

If you haven’t checked out my previous post at The Fridge, please do. This idea has really added to the community of my classroom, and it has played a role in my classroom management.


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